So you’ve been amping yourself up all week for the game. You’ve trained hard and even put in some extra work on the quads and the abs. Jy’s reg boet. You’ve psyched yourself up in the change room and as you run onto the field you can feel the adrenalin pumping through your veins. You’re so going to nail your opposing number. And then you see him. All 6 foot-eina of him. Tree stump legs. Eyes that pierce through you. This dude eats 3-burgers in one sitting. He’s 87 kilos of pure steel. They call him: ‘Kopseer.’ And he’s just 15 years old. As you look at him, he grunts at you, crack his neck left and right, then sinks to his knees and begins to pray. You nearly drop dead from fright because deep down in your heart you know he’s probably asking God to help him break your bones and scatter them around the field right? Well, look, he might be, but he’s more than likely praying the following:

Dear God,

Thank you for today.
Thank you for the privilege of playing in this game.
Please fill me with energy and passion as I play.
Help all of us on the field to compete with fairness in our hearts and minds and give us the grace to accept success or defeat.
Protect our health and bodies as we challenge, tackle and run.
Please can I ask you to watch over my opponent and make today a wonderful opportunity for us to celebrate this game we so enjoy.


So now you know what your opponent is doing on his knees. And now you know what some of your biggest heroes are doing on their knees when they run out against the All Blacks, Australia, France, England… Pretty cool huh.